What is the Membership Workshop?
  • The Membership Workshop is an opportunity to meet with one of the campus pastors of Community Christian (CC) to hear about the history, vision, mission and values of the church. During this one hour workshop, you'll be able to ask questions about CC, hear our plan for helping people follow Jesus, and what we are doing to bless the community. The workshop is free and can be held in person or on Zoom. You can register to schedule an upcoming workshop BELOW.

Why would I become a Member? What are the benefits of membership?

    • Buy In - becoming a member is an individuals way of saying CC is their home church and they are supportive of the mission, vision, values and leadership of the church.
    • Leadership - Most serving opportunities at CC are open to anyone, but there are few where we believe it is important for a leader to be a member.
    • Accountability - When a person has decided to become a member and expressed a desire to growth in faith, this helps our pastors know how to better care for them and encourage them in that growth.
    • Annual Members Dinner - All Members are invited to the Annual Members dinner. The dinner is for updating the members on the health of the church, connecting with the pastors and planning for the future.
    • Direction - those who are bought in as members help set the direction of the church. Their opportunity to set direction comes through their service, voting on bylaws, communication with pastors and their committed presence at CC.