Our Vision

At Community Christian, we believe that God's church is a living thing, and should always be growing and reproducing. Our mission is helping people find their way back to God and our vision is to change the spiritual landscape of Santa Clara County by having 50,000 people of the Valley connected to Community Christian. Our goal is to plant 100 campuses across Silicon Valley reaching each of the 136 language groups represented. We intentionally “disciple” each individual who calls Community Christian home through our core values of the 3Cs: Celebrate, Connect, and Contribute.


Gather with others to celebrate what God is doing in His church


Join with others for ongoing growth and encouragement


Use your time, talents, and treasures to impact our world

Our History

What we believe

I have made the personal decision to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. This means I believe what the Scriptures communicate about who He is and what His sacrifice means for me. I believe the climax of God’’s saving work was Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection from the tomb. There, God sacrificed himself for my sin, won forever the victory over sin and death, and revealed to me the extent of His love.
I have been immersed through baptism as a believer in Jesus Christ. I need to schedule a time to be baptized.

I commit myself to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ through daily prayer, meditation on His Word, and regularly participating in a Community Group environment to deepen my commitment to the body of Christ.

I commit to demonstrate a servant’s hearts by using my time, talent, and treasure for the completion of the work and life mission He has called me to complete.

I intend to prayerfully and intentionally seek opportunities to share the story of life-change that God has given to me so that others may receive His gift of grace.
I commit to the biblical principle of tithing as an act of obedience and an expression of my worship to God. As the Holy Spirit leads me, I also agree to live out generosity by giving additional offerings and gifts.

One Church – Four Campuses
(With more to come)

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