Creative Arts Director

Community Christian Los Altos Campus

The Creative Arts Director is recognized as the leader and shepherd of the people in regards to worship. The director not only strives to bring the worship of Jesus through song but through their lives and faith on a daily basis. A director oversees, equips, and enables leaders, coaches and teams to facilitate, lead, and reproduce the arts at a campus level.

Tap for Qualification


· Commitment to Community Christian’s philosophy of ministry and mission of helping people find their way back to God.
· Creative Arts Directors are moving towards maturity in the 3C's: Celebrate, Connect, Contribute.
· Strong influencing skills.
· Experience in developing and training adult leaders.
· Excellent verbal and written communication.
· Demonstrated excellence as a worship leader - minimum 1 year experience.
· Skilled in vocal, and instrumental direction.
· Demonstrates the ability to recruit, train, and mentor Worship Teams.
· Has knowledge, or is willing to be trained on the use of Ableton Live and Planning Center Online.
· Demonstrates proficiency in understanding of the elements of mix, dynamics, arrangement, roles of band members, and vocals.
· Demonstrates the ability to work with the Campus Pastor to create a biblical, engaging worship experience for our Celebration Services.