We are asking people to get in the habit of submitting stories so our CC Team can hear about the great things happening and be encouraged (spurred on).
We are asking for these kinds of stories...
  • Testimonies of people coming to Jesus
  • Why they are bing baptized - every time someone is being baptized they should have to share their story in writing until we can do video later on
  • The impact of a being in community group, being apprenticed or leading a group
  • The power of serving the church body, or through local/global outreach - what impact it made in their lives
  • God answering prayer...particularly those that have been on the prayer cards
  • People deciding to Contribute (Time, Talent, Treasure). How God worked in them to lead them to contribution or the impact it has made in them and their faith
  • New spiritual growth in a person. How they are trusting God more
  • How a specific Sunday morning message or song impacted them.

Stories may be used in various situations without personal information, unless permission is asked.