We would love to hear from YOU on how Community Christian has impacted your life and spiritual journey. Aside from the encouragement our team receives from these stories, they also can be useful and encouraging to others as we may share them from stage, in videos or leadership meetings. (Don't worry! We will always ask permission first, with the option of leaving names and personal info out!)
Stories we're looking for...
  • Testimonies of you or others coming to Jesus
  • Baptism stories (why, when, how it has impacted you)
  • Community Group experiences & impact (your participation or leading of a group!)
  • Local and Global Mission Trips experiences
  • God answering prayer
  • Contribution - Time, Treasure & Talent through Community Christian (How serving & giving has impacted you)
  • New spiritual growth or step forward in your faith
  • How a specific Sunday morning message or song impacted you

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