Stories of Community

Helping People Find Their Way Back to God.

Everyone has a story. Stories of darkness turned to light, hopelessness turned to trust, lack of direction turned to clarity. God is at work. Watch our YouTube playlist below and scroll through the stories of what God has been doing.

Have a story to tell?

We would love to hear from YOU on how Community Christian has impacted your life and spiritual journey. Aside from the encouragement our team receives from these stories, they also can be useful and encouraging to others as we may share them from stage, in videos or leadership meetings. (Don't worry! We will always ask permission first, with the option of leaving names and personal info out!)

Yeah, there's more of that action.

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The stories we share are a few examples of the ministry of Jesus impacting people's lives today with glorious salvation, supernatural healing, deliverance from oppression, and Holy Spirit Baptism.