If you currently do not give, give occasionally or do not currently tithe, we want to challenge you to give 10% of your earned income for the next 90 days! We realize that giving 10% of your income back to God can be a big and frightening commitment! That’s why we are offering you a *money-back guarantee! Our commitment to you is simple: If you tithe for three months and you regret that decision, we will return the funds, no questions asked! (*Please see below agreement for details.)

Register Here!


(to ensure we are true to our word)

1. This form must be completed and received prior to the beginning of the Three-Month (13 Sundays) Tithe Challenge Period. You will be contacted by Joanne a week after submitting to confirm your registration.
2. To ensure your tithe is properly recorded, it must be received at a Community Christian campus either by check, EFT, credit card, or cash (or mailed in). If paid by check, the check must have your name and address on it. If by cash, it must be inserted in a Community Christian giving envelope that has your name clearly printed, dated, and the amount donated on it. Unidentified and anonymous cash contributions cannot be credited or claimed.
3. No refunds will be given until after the ‘End Date’ (August 31, 2019).
4. Refund amounts will only be for monies received within the Start and End dates of this challenge. No refunds will be made for monies given before or after the Challenge dates.
5. Your request for a refund must be received by by emailing [email protected] within 15-days of the end of the Challenge (September 15, 2019).
6. By filling out this form, I am accepting the Three-Month Tithing Challenge. I agree that for the three-month period, myself and or my household will contribute 10% of our income to God, through Community Christian. At the end of the three-month period, if I am not convinced of God’s faithfulness to bless my life as a result of my obedience to His Word, Community Christian will refund the full amount of contributions made during the Challenge period.