What to Expect

Helping People Find Their Way Back to God.

At Community Christian you’ll find many different kinds of people on different parts of their faith journey. Chances are, there will be others who are new just like you. Whether you are just checking church out, new to church and faith, or a longtime Jesus-follower, you are welcome.

One Church.
Two Campuses.

Join us Sunday at one of our campuses where you will find inspiring worship, a practical message you can apply to your life, a kid's environment your children will never want to leave, and a church community happy to join you on your faith journey.

What can I expect at a weekend service?

A new church can be pretty intimidating! We know because we have all been there. Community Christian is a "come-as-you-are" Spirit-filled church. Dressed up or dressed down, we have a variety of styles at our services. We want to get to know the real YOU! When you arrive at one of our campuses, you will be greeted by friendly faces wearing Community Christian t-shirts who can direct you to where to go. Come early to check your kids in, grab a cup of coffee and find a seat. Weekend services are about 65 minutes long and begin when you hear the live music starting. Song lyrics are projected onto the screens so you can sing along and/or engage with worship however you feel most comfortable. After the music, there is a brief time of announcements, communion and receiving the weekend's offering, after which one of our pastors will come out to share a practical message about Jesus. View our "Messages"and check out videos of our sermons.

What happens during the week?

During the week, we have the opportunity to develop deep relationships with others by spending time together in smaller communities we call Community Groups. Meeting in homes and locations throughout the area, these groups are individuals who are studying a particular topic or book (such as a Book of the Bible, a book on practices like prayer or parenting); navigating a similar life season (moms, newly-marrieds, empty-nesters, divorce, addiction recovery, etc); or share interests in activities that bring them together (such as surfing or biking). Our desire is for everyone to be in a Community Group, so we have midweek programs for students as well as adults! Check out the "Community Groups" in the menu above for more information.

How do you care for our community?

Serving communities is part of our mission here at Community and we do that both here in Silicon Valley and in countries throughout the world. Locally, work with schools in their communities to provide support and much-needed resources for teachers and students alike. We also partner with local organizations that specifically help under-resourced individuals and homeless communities. Across the border in Mexico, we partner with organizations to build houses, provide medical clinics and support orphans and children in need. All are welcome to join us and you can find more information by viewing our "Upcoming Events".

See You Sunday!

Morgan Hill and Foxworthy Campuses

We know there are a lot of things you and your family could be doing this weekend outside of church, but we hope you can let Community Christian be a part of your plans. No fluff, no junk; just a church that genuinely cares.